Hunters Star Logan Lerman Reveals Why He Returned To Television After 15 Years (Exclusive)

Even at just 30 years old, Logan Lerman already has a career of filmography credits. Much of that is down to when he came into the game as he has been acting since 2000 The patriot. His role in that war epic made enough impact to land a Young Artist Award nomination, and he drove that momentum to multiple Young Artist Award nominations and wins throughout his adolescence. Two of those wins came from his work in television projects A painted house and Jack and Bobbythe latter of which was his last TV role for more than 15 years, as he populated the next decade and a half of his career with blockbuster movies.

Lerman ended his television sabbatical in early 2020. The first Percy Jackson star stood next to Al Pacino as the lead of Huntersa Prime Video streaming series about a Nazi uprising in the post-World War II United States.

Speaking to’s Liam Crowley, Lerman revealed that his decision to return to television was due to the show’s creative talent.

“You know what it was? Jordan Peele, David Weil and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon came up to me and asked me to do it, to be part of a TV series and take on this character,” Lerman recalled himself.

Hunters is the brainchild of Weil, while Peele and Gomez-Rejon jumped on the project as executive producers. This behind-the-scenes team was put together very early on, as Lerman added that he was approached before the scripting process began.

“It was a bit nerve wracking because no scripts had been written,” Lerman continued. “I couldn’t read anything. Usually I choose my work, my characters, the job, based on the quality of the script. In this situation with a TV show, it was a leap of faith with a creative team. I had it I felt like these were the people to do it with, and I trusted them and wanted to try.”

Season 1 impressed Prime Video enough to greenlight a second episode. While Lerman’s Jonah Heidelbaum was labeled a “Robin” by his friends in the early episodes, Lerman emphasized that the character has fully evolved into a Batman in Season 2.

“He sure is [a Batman]. He had to be. He was forced to become that,” Lerman noted. “I love playing with this version of Jonah. Season 2, Jonah is much more interesting to me. It’s much more complex. There are so many layers. He’s almost burdened with the responsibility of being a hunter, a Nazi hunter, a member of this group, but he knows he can’t go back because it changed him, what he went through. The opportunity to explore this version of him gives me a lot of creative satisfaction.”

Hunters Season 2 begins streaming on Prime Video on Friday, January 13.

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