Hunter x Hunter releases jewelry line for the holidays

Hunter x Hunter is back in print, and as you can imagine, all eyes are on the series thanks to its comeback. After a nearly four-year hiatus, the manga returned this fall under creator Yoshihiro Togashi. It looks like the series will last throughout the winter break, so you can imagine a lot of fans will be looking for merch. And now it looks like Hunter x Hunter is meeting that demand with a new line of jewelry.

The news comes from Natalie, as the outlet has confirmed that Hunter x Hunter is partnering with Material Crown on the partnership. A small collection of jewelry is made based on Hunter x Hunter characters such as Gon and Hisoka. So if you know someone who needs new rings, listen up!

What the collection includes

According to the press release, Material Crown makes a total of four pieces of jewelry: two rings and two necklaces. The first will be based on Hisoka and Chrollo, while Gon and Killua will get their own necklaces. The chains cost nearly $130 USD pre-tax, while the rings cost just over $100.

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The rings come in two different designs, as Hisoka’s is based on the diamond marking on his cheek. As for Chrollo, the cross on their forehead was used to design his ring, so both pieces are incredibly chic. When it comes to necklaces, Gon’s necklace features a charm inspired by his love of fishing. And as for Killua, his necklace features design elements inspired by his yo-yo and lightning-fast skills.

These rings are currently on presale and will be on sale until November 30th. If you haven’t caught up with Hunter x Hunter, you can always start the series right away. Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app post new chapters weekly. And for those who need access to the backlog, you can finally find it through Viz Media online!

Do you like this new Hunter x Hunter collection? Will you keep up with the manga now that it’s back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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