Hunter x Hunter Creator Achieves Major Manga Milestone

The return of Hunter x Hunter has been one of the biggest anime stories of 2022, with mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi notifying fans through his social media account, who has become the most followed manga artist currently working in the medium. With new chapters following the fighters of this Shonen universe to the present day, Togashi shared a brand new update revealing that a crucial manga milestone has been passed, even as Gon and Killua are still “MIA” in the Succession Contest Arc.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s absence from what many consider to be his tour de force in his artistic career was a result of the injuries he sustained, in part due to his dedication to creating manga. As the artist revealed in an earlier social media post, he can only move forward in a very specific way, thanks to the back problems he regularly suffers from his long work in the industry. While Togashi hasn’t revealed how many additional chapters he’ll be working on, his dedication to returning to the Shonen franchise and weaving new stories that follow the universe of fighters should be applauded by anime fans around the world.

Hunter x Hunter 400

Yoshihiro Togashi again shared a new update on his Official Socia Media and revealed the big news that he recently completed the 400th chapter of Hunter x Hunter’s manga, while the Succession Contest Arc continues to give the series some wild battles that threaten the world at large:

Hunter x Hunter’s manga may have made a comeback, but the anime adaptation is still lacking in action. Nearly a decade ago, thanks to Studio Madhouse, the Election Arc came to an end, and there will be plenty of material to bring to the small screen if Togashi’s work ever returns to the anime format. Rest assured, should Togashi’s popular series make its way to the anime format, there will be plenty of fans eager to see the fighter universe unfold again.

How have you felt about Hunter x Hunter’s latest chapters? Do you think Gon and Killua will return soon or will they remain absent from this latest SHonen arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the hunters.

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