Hulu Trends as Netflix Announces Ending Password Sharing

Hulu has been trending on social media after Netflix announced it would stop sharing passwords next month. The move has been telegraphed for nearly a year now, but many users felt it would create enough of a stir that the company would pull out. But unfortunately, people will have to log into their “home network” once a month to continue streaming their favorite shows and movies. In addition to the difficulty of enforcing the plan alone, many viewers are simply angry at the idea of ​​ending password sharing. As several government officials in the United States have been talking about a recession for some time, and amid layoffs at several tech companies, it has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth to make people shell out that extra cash. Check out some of the funniest posts reacting to the move here.

“This won’t be a widely popular move,” said Netflix CEO Greg Peters before adding, “[There will be] kind of cancel response to that.”

Former CEO Ted Sarandos had previously said something similar. “It’s a lot like the way you manage a price increase. … Consumers aren’t going to love it right away, but we need to show them why they need to see value,” he argued.

Are you considering switching to another service as a result of this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Many people on the internet rn:

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Great point

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People realise

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Content is king

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Lots of salt

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Could very well be the case

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Not ideal


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