Hugh Jackman returns to The Music Man after voice issues

Hugh Jackman will soon return in his most iconic role, Wolverine Deadpool3 but first he finishes his run on Broadway in the beloved musical, The music man. The resurgence has had some setbacks, including being pushed back due to the pandemic and Jackman missing shows due to getting COVID. Recently, Jackman had to miss the show again due to voice issues. The actor took to his Instagram stories on Sunday and shared, “To the @musicmanbway audience… I am terribly disappointed to say my doctor has put me on vocal rest.” However, Jackman took to social media again today to reveal that he’s ready to return to the show, which officially closes on Jan. 15.

“Hey, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. It’s actually the day after, it’s Friday, and I’m on my way to the theater, which I’m so thankful for,” Jackman says with a smile in the video. “It’s been a bit of a rough week and I’m so thankful for all the messages, best wishes, thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn’t be happier to get back to my theater family today and be on stage at the Winter Garden doing theatre The music man. Thanks, Max Clayton, as always for jumping in for me so quickly. You are the best. To all our students and swings, you are the best. Anyway, can’t wait to see you there today, bye.” You can watch Jackman’s video below:

Influenced Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine training The music man?

Jackman revealed to Variety last month that his muscles are getting too big for his clothes thanks to his training Deadpool3. Jackman revealed that he loses 1,500 calories a night, which began to affect his role in the film The music man.

“Apologies to the entire cast of The music man, and in particular my dresser and my wife — all protein shakes kick in quickly,” Jackman shared. “The other day I heard the Velcro crack and it really popped open. I split two pairs of pants.” He explained of a time-sensitive rip: “It was an 18-inch rip. I had about two minutes. I said to the director, ‘New pants!’ I had my pants around my ankles. I thought, if my dresser isn’t there in time, it’s better to continue in split pants than without. Then I saw him run from stage right to stage left, at top speed. We made it just in time.”

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