Hugh Grant jokes that he is too old and deaf to enjoy his job

One of the last attractions of CCXP22, the panel of Dungeons and Dragons stole the show on the Thunder Stage, the event’s busiest, attended by several of the film’s actors, including Hugh Grant.

During the panel, presenter Maria Bopp wondered if Hugh was having fun during the filming. The actor didn’t understand the question, and the actress also joked, asking if he wanted her to use a British accent to better understand it.

Hugh then replied:

“No, I didn’t enjoy myself. I am old and deaf. [risos]”, said Hugo.

However, the star was joking and soon stated so Dungeons and Dragons it was the “best performance” of his career.

“Seriously, I had a great time, this is a great movie with great actors and I feel like it was the best performance of my entire career,” Hugh joked.

Dungeons and Dragons hits theaters April 13, 2023.

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