How Warner Bros. screwed up their deal with Aquaman and The Conjuring director James Wan

Things haven’t been going well for Warner Bros. in recent months. Discovery. In April, Discovery bought Warner Bros. from AT&T, a purchase that left the resulting company tens of billions of dollars in debt. Since then, executives have engaged in cost-cutting that has damaged their relationship with Hollywood creatives and the public, who have felt disappointed and betrayed by the radical moves the company has taken. To save $3 billion on its debt, Warners lost about $20 billion in market value as the stock plummeted.

It is therefore no surprise that filmmaker James Wan and his production house Atomic Monster ended up at Blumhouse, where Universal will distribute their new films. According to a story on The Hollywood Reporterdid Warner Bros. no attempt to hold Wan despite his Conjure movies are worth billions in box office revenue to the studio.

“Atomic Monster previously had a deal with Warners, where Wan is in post-production Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomthe report reads in part. “His deal expired in the spring and the studio made no overtures to keep him.”

It’s not clear from the report whether Warner Bros. took their eye off the ball, or whether they made a conscious decision not to pursue Wan for extra time. Given the environment at Warners right now, any option feels like a possibility. Still, given the money Wan has brought in, it’s a tough decision to swallow.

Wans Aquarius was also the highest-grossing film in DC’s shared superhero universe, grossing over $1 billion. In addition joker, Aquarius has since become the only DC film to pull off that feat The dark knight rises.

Wan was also once seen as an important part of DC’s future plans; beside Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwas he connected as producer, director or both Swamp thing and The trench. The latter, a horror spin-off of the Aquarius universe, died early 2021 in development. The first, a TV series for DC Universe and HBO Max, got one season before being canceled, reportedly due to cost-cutting reasons related to local tax breaks where the show was filmed. It turned out to be a modest ratings success on The CW, and Swamp Thing himself had a cameo Crisis on Infinite Earthsbut neither led to more content with the characters.

Warner Bros. still plans to dish out upcoming sequels The nun and Conjure it from Wan and Atomic Monster.

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