How to Unlock Silhouette Player Icons

Since Overlook 2 Launched in October 2022, there was a curious inclusion that fans have been dying to have, but had no idea how to unlock the character-specific silhouette player icons. With the launch of season three in the game, Blizzard has finally unlocked these icons and also confirmed how players can get them for themselves. Like other character icons in the game, the Overwatch silhouette player icons are unlocked by winning games as those characters, specifically 15 wins for each. That’s the primary way Overwatch 2 tells you to unlock the icons, but there may be another way.

While all icons can be unlocked by winning 15 games as your favorite character (a counter that starts now and is not retroactive to previous seasons of Overlook 2), Overwatch 2’s custom profile section has a 50-coin price tag on various silhouette player icons. However, when we tried to purchase some icons ourselves through the game, that fell through, so it’s unclear whether this was done by mistake or whether the icons will be available for purchase through the game at some point. As of now, winning the 15 games as a character is the only way to earn the silhouette player icons.

The addition of players who can earn the silhouette player icons isn’t the only thing Blizzard has added, season three of Overwatch 2 is shaping up to be its best yet. Key to Season 3 is the changes made to the battle pass, clearly demonstrating that Blizzard is listening to the player base and making changes based on that. The free version of the battle pass includes 1500 Credits for all players, which gives them earnable currency, which they can use to purchase skins from the shop or hero gallery. Players who purchase the premium battle pass can also earn an additional 500 Credits.

Blizzard will also have more free skins than before becoming available in Season Three of Overwatch, with four skins earned outside of the Battle Pass through in-game events. Players will also have the option in season three to earn free goodies just by logging in, including skipping the first five levels of the battle pass by logging in during the first week of the season.

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