House of the Dragon nearly doubles its viewership after the Season 1 finale

HBOs House of the Dragon broke all kinds of viewing and streaming records during its first season. It spawned the most-watched premiere ever on the premium network and had huge streaming numbers every week on HBO Max. The series continued the Game of Thrones tradition of huge ratings, and that trend continued through the season 1 finale. In fact, in the week following the finale, House of the Dragon viewership nearly doubled that of other blockbuster fantasy series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

On Thursday, Nielsen shared its streaming data for the week of October 17 through October 23. The last day of that time frame was the day the House of the Dragon finale premiered on HBO and HBO Max, so the first few hours of viewers were part of that week’s tally. The last episode was enough to lift House of the Dragon to over a billion minutes streamed during the week.

In that same span of time, Amazon’s Power rings was watched for 570 million minutes, just over half of House of the Dragon‘s streaming viewership. That may seem like a huge discrepancy, but take the comparison with a grain of salt. House of the Dragon has a total of over two episodes Rings of power, allowing fans to see more of the show in any given week. The Rings of power The season 1 finale also debuted the week before this particular time frame, so the day one boost for the episode wasn’t part of the count, as House of the Dragon‘s was. Both series proved to be huge streaming successes during their freshman runs.

Will there be more Game of Thrones spin-offs?

HBO has had all sorts of different ones Game of Thrones projects that have been in development for years, but only two of them have actually been put into production. One series shot a pilot, but was eventually dropped by HBO. The other is House of the Dragon. Given the success of the latter, it should come as no surprise that HBO is looking to add more shows in that franchise.

“I think the following would probably be [House of the Dragon] season two,” said Bloys. “I try not to comment too much [on] development, so there’s not much to say unless we find the story that George is happy with and we’re happy with, then we’ll move on.”

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