Hollywood stars donate items to auction for Ukraine and raise 250,000 euros

Tom Hanks and other members of the Hollywood film industry donated valuable personal belongings for auction benefiting Ukraine.

According to the website Ukraine pagethe charity event was organized by Michel Hazanavicius, Oscar-winning French director. To open the donations, the filmmaker contributed 125 thousand euros (about a little more than BRL 695 thousand).

The funds will be returned by the The Olena Zelenska Foundation in the reconstruction of the Izium Central Hospitalwith part of the building destroyed and looted by the Russian army during the invasion of the country.

Representatives from all parts of the film industry from around the world attended the event. In addition, some of them have contributed items to auction. Among them were:

  • Tom Hanks, who donated an antique typewriter from his collection
  • Catherine Deneuvewho contributed with a dressing table for personal use
  • Alan Delonwho delivered a wood-engraved still from the classic film The swimming poolfrom 1969
  • Natalie Portmanwho provided many rare posters signed by her
  • the musician thomas bangalterfrom stupid punkwho offered one of his iconic robot helmets
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in Thor (playback)

Director thanked Hollywood colleagues for supporting Ukraine

In an emotional speech, Michel expressed his hope to build a better world. Whether based on solidarity, humanity or some other altruistic emotion, may the world cultivate these values ​​so that wars like the one Ukraine is facing never happen again:

“Endurance, heroism, humanity, courage, solidarity, these are the kinds of stories that I think people need here. These are the values ​​with which our country can win against the great and mighty Russia. We need to have these values, we need them to last, and see that they are still worth something in this world.”

In addition to the 125,000 donated by the filmmaker, another 125,000 euros was collected from the objects sold at the auction. The director passed the second half of the money to the Initiative UNITED24, created by the Ukrainian government to meet the basic needs of the affected population.

UNITED24 Initiative (Reproduction)

Olena Zelenska presented her foundation at the event and shared her mission and plans with all participants, whose reconstruction of the hospital is just the beginning:

“No matter how much we do to save Ukrainians, the war is still going on. As a result, we face new challenges every day. This has been a valuable gift to all whose lives depend on this hospital.”

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