Henry Cavill, rejected in 007, gets another chance in spy movies

Dedicated in theaters like DC’s Superman, Henry Cavill almost lived another iconic Hollywood character, when he competed for the role of James Bond in 007 – Royal Casino.

Although he lost the part to Daniel Craig, Cavill seems to have gotten a second chance in the secret agent universe with his new film. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare🇧🇷

James Bond (Daniel Craig) in 007 – Casino Royale (Reproduction)

Inspired by Giles Milton’s novel, the new movie will have many ties to the universe of 007including his story will receive several references to the late writer Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.

Henry Cavill’s new plot, which begins filming in 2023, is inspired by some of the real and most important events of World War II and explores a secret organization founded by then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Henry Cavill as August Walker in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Churchill’s organization was known to the British for its unconventional and thoroughly “chivalrous” fighting techniques, which aimed to spy on and sabotage Nazi missions and structures that threatened Europe.

The new movie fit like a glove in Cavill’s career and while details about his protagonist have not been revealed, the actor is expected to be a secret agent tasked with destroying or gathering information about Hitler’s operations.

In addition Henry Cavill, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare also plays the actress Eiza Gonzalezknown for his role in baby driver🇧🇷

But why did Cavill lose the part in 007 after all?

Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill) in The Tudors (play)

In 2005, the 007 franchise was gearing up for its fifth reboot, and of course the producers were looking for a new face for the secret agent.

At the time, Cavill was still a long way from his current fame and would not join DC’s casting until nearly 10 years later. Nevertheless, the actor managed to pass the last auditions for the cast 007 – Royal Casino.

But while his performance pleased the producers, Cavill was only 22 years old, which would make him the youngest actor to play James Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in 007 - No Time to Die

Apparently, the franchise’s producers were unwilling to accept the risks of casting a very young actor, ultimately favoring Daniel Craig, who was 37 at the time.

As Barbara Broccoli, one of the main producers of 007, has already stated in several interviews, James Bond requires commitment from the actor, who must play in at least four films in more than ten years, exactly in the case of Daniel Craig.

Although cut from 007, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare it will give Cavill another chance to exploit British espionage. However, the film has no forecast to hit theaters yet.

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