Hebe’s son has a modest life and no health insurance: ‘I treated dengue at the UPA’

Marcello Camargo said his mother left no millionaire inheritance and that she earns enough to support herself

Marcello Camargo, son of Hebe, said he has a modest life

Marcello Camargoonly child and heir of the presenter Hebe Camargorevealed that ten years after his mother’s death, he is not living a luxurious life and that he is currently without health plan🇧🇷 He also denied that the artist left a legacy of more than R$60 million, as has been speculated. “She used a lot of money to live her life, she enjoyed things,” Marcello said in a chat with Leo Dias on YouTube. The presenter’s son also said that his monthly billing is not exorbitant as many people think: “It’s enough to save my life, but it’s not the absurdities that speak”. According to Marcello, Hebe did not die a millionaire: “She invested all her money in the house. She had a passion for her home in Cidade Jardim [bairro nobre de São Paulo]🇧🇷 She bought the first and counted it up, there were six or seven houses. She invested and raised the house and invested in jewelry that she liked. Those farm stories, cattle, flats, it’s all not true. she went away [de herança] the house and the jewels.”

When Hebe died, Marcello decided to share the goods with Claudio Pessutti, nephew of the presenter who took care of his career for many years. “I shared it with Claudio because he was always like a brother to me. He is my first cousin, he was the son of my mother’s older sister,” he explained. died, a victim of cancer, Marcello chose not to live in the house in the Cidade Jardim neighborhood, but his cousin wanted to live there. “We made a deal between the two of us. He paid me what and the deal was that if he sold the house it would be settled between us.” Claudio died in January 2021 victim of COVID-19🇧🇷 With that, the house was put up for sale and the entire collection and the image rights of Hebe, which until then had been in the power of Hebe’s nephew, passed to Marcello. He said the house has not yet been sold and that he continues to lead a simple life.

“I do not have [convênio médico]🇧🇷 My mom always paid for the best health plan, after she died Claudio kept paying me. After Claudio passed away, I was left without the plan. But now, restructuring myself as I am, I promised Lydia Sayeg [joalheira amiga da família] I’m going to make the plan. I treated dengue at the UPA and was treated very well,” he said. Marcello said he currently owns a house and an apartment he defined as “small” in São José do Rio Preto. His income comes from deals he made after the death of his mother and from what he earns from the program “Café com Selinho”, available on his YouTube channel. “My life is modest, it always has been. I was born near Sumaré [em São Paulo]we had a good life, but middle class, nothing was missing, but we didn’t have that glamor that came later, from the combination of marriage with Lélio [Ravagnani] and her trip to SBT. I kept my style, of course I enjoyed it, went to my thing with her.”

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