Heavenly Delusion celebrates Disney+ license with new posters

Heavenly delusion announced that it will be officially released with Disney+ when the anime launches later this year, and is celebrating the occasion with some new posters showing what to expect from the new anime! Kodansha and Disney have announced a long-term partnership that will see many more licensed and original anime projects make their way to Disney’s streaming services around the world. While this was a good deal for some international fans, it was a lot harder for many others, as it meant waiting longer for major series to officially launch.

Heavenly Delusion is one of the new anime adaptations that fans are eager to check out this year, and it has been officially announced that the series will be streamed by Disney all over the world. The series will first air in April, but it has yet to be revealed if that release window will be the same for international fans as the series makes its way to both Disney+ and Hulu in different territories. For now, you can check out the latest posters for the series below:

How to watch Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly delusion launches in Japan in April, and if it gets a simultaneous release, fans in the United States will likely be able to watch the series on Hulu along with it (much like the current release of Tokyo Avengers Season 2). If not, the anime will eventually make its way to Hulu sometime later in the year or early 2024, depending on whether there will also be an English dubbed release (much like what happened with Daylight saving time display).

Hirotaka Mori will direct Heavenly delusion for Production IG with Makoto Fukami handling the scripts, Utsushita handling the character designs and Kensuke Ushio composing the music. As for what to expect from the series, Denpa is licensed Heavenly delusion‘s manga for an official English release and teases the series as such:

“Within the safety of the walls, young people are raised in a nursery-like environment by robots. While life there may seem ancient on the surface, the children are full of potential and curiosity. In many ways, it is like a piece of heaven. The outside world is a hellscape. It is almost completely stripped of anything mechanical and is now inhabited by bizarre, yet powerful supernatural beings. Maru, with the help of Kiruko, is out there criss-crossing what was once Tokyo to Heaven. But after so long a search, maybe heaven is more an unsustainable dream than a potential reality.”

Hope to check you out Heavenly delusion this spring? What do you think of the latest posters? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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