Health update on “Superstar” Billy Graham after hospitalization

“Superstar” Billy Graham continues to fight for his life. The WWE Hall of Famer was recently hospitalized with an ear infection that had spread to parts of his skull. While he remains in the hospital, there is positive news. Despite going into cardiac arrest today, the doctors were able to get his heart beating again. Graham’s wife, Valerie, took to Facebook to update the general public on her husband’s condition.

“I’m asking you all to pray for my husband. He has been in the hospital since last Friday. During a procedure in his hospital room late afternoon, he coded (went into cardiac arrest),” Valerie wrote. “There are no words to describe how it felt to watch the man I’ve loved since I was 18 years old stop breathing, but the grace of God was with us and the doctors were able to put his heart back together. and put a breathing tube in. He is currently in ICU and is completely sedated to rest his body. They still don’t know why this happened, but they will find out.”

Looking ahead, Valerie said doctors are focused on stabilizing multiple aspects of Graham’s body.

“At the moment they are working to stabilize his blood pressure, along with a lot of other things,” Valerie continued. “About 3 hours ago when I finally got to see him, he opened his eyes and even squeezed my hand… what a gift it was to see his eyes looking at me. I really appreciate you all for your steadfast prayers , whether you pray for Wayne or Superstar, our Lord knows who he is and listens.”

First competing in 1969, Graham was a staple of the professional wrestling industry throughout the 20th century. “Superstar” wrestled in the American Wrestling Association, the National Wrestling Alliance, and multiple other smaller promotions before making a name for himself in the WWF. He reigned with the oldest version of the current WWE Championship, the WWWF Title, for 296 days from the spring of 1977 to the winter of 1978. He would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. wishes Graham the best in his recovery.

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