Halo Producer Kiki Wolfkill Reportedly Out On Xbox

Some big changes are happening at Xbox developer 343 Industries, and it looks like this could extend to the head of Halo transmedia as well. While no official announcement has been made, it appears that Kiki Wolfkill may no longer be with 343 Industries. She hasn’t publicly addressed that departure, nor has Xbox, but as reported by Chronicle of video gameshair LinkedIn profile says she left 343 Industries sometime in the month of January. In addition to working on the Halo games, Wolfkill was also heavily involved with the Halo series on Paramount+, where he worked as a producer.

The Halo franchise is in a strange position right now and its future is quite uncertain. Halo infinity launched in late 2021 to good reviews, but the overall perception of the game began to shift over the course of 2022. Fans began to grow impatient with the wait for new content, with updates coming slower than many had hoped. Meanwhile, the Halo streaming series found great success on Paramount+, but many fans were unhappy with the show’s departures from its source material.

The original Halo released as a launch title for Xbox in 2001, and the franchise has been incredibly important to Microsoft ever since. The series was originally developed by Bungie. In 2007, Bungie announced its departure from Microsoft and 343 Industries was formed with the aim of developing new games in the series. Wolfkill joined 343 Industries in 2008, first as an executive producer halo 4and then took on the same role Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In 2014, Wolfkill took on her most recent role.

If Wolfkill actually left 343 Industries, it’ll be interesting to see what impact it has on Halo as a franchise. A second season for the Halo TV series are currently in development at Paramount+ and shooting started last September. Hopefully, Microsoft won’t keep fans waiting too long before making an official announcement about Wolfkill’s role, or her potential successor at 343 Industries.

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