Gusttavo Lima clarifies whether he canceled the carnival block due to problems with sales

The company representing the singer reported that the suspension took place in November due to ‘schedule overload’

Play/Instagram/gustavolimaGusttavo Lima denied that he canceled the blockade because abadás were not selling

The singer Gustavo Lima manifested itself after it was announced that he was the Ambassador blockwhich was to take place on February 20 at the Barra/Ondina circuit, in savior. On social networks, he denied that the cancellation is related to a problem in selling abadás, which would cost R$ 2,000. In a note, the company Balada Music, of which the artist is a member, stated that the block has been “suspended since the end of November due to technical reasons” and also due to “overload in the artist’s schedule”. “The singer had previously planned two performances for Sunday Carnival 2023 [véspera da data do bloco] in the city of Recife (PE), which were scheduled during the pandemic period and were moved to 19/02 – another date change is not possible,” explains the sertanejo team. The company also pointed out that reconciling all these commitments would be very stressful for Gusttavo and his team. “In order to cope with the carnival marathon, which also includes other shows, while respecting the tranquility and health of the artist and his team, we have chosen to suspend the presentation of the block in 2023, which will take more than eight hours would take on top of the trio. .”

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