Gustavo Mendes assumes error in robbery report: ‘I could be dead’

Actor spoke about aggression he suffered on the last day 5 in Juiz de Fora

Play/Instagram/gustavomendesGustavo Mendes said he was attacked after leaving a bar in Juiz de Fora, MG

The actor Gustavus Mendes assumed this Tuesday, the 17th, that he was wrong in denouncing an aggression, which he suffered on the last day, the 5th, in Juiz de Fora, Minas Geraisas an attempted robbery. THE Civil Police opened an investigation and found that the violence was not motivated by the crime committed by the artist, but by a fight. “The civil police investigation seems to be over, I’m not sure, and I’m here to clarify exactly what happened. First, I must remind you that I received two pretty hard blows to the head. The worst did not happen, but they were given to kill. And if you get a blow to the head, you don’t really remember what happened,” Gustavo began. According to him, the confusion arose after leaving a bar when he refused money to help two homeless people buy a meal. He even said he was threatened by them. “The fact is that I was wrong in that complaint, but the deed is there. I was the victim of this aggression, I underwent an aggression and I could have been dead at that moment. Violence is on the rise in big cities, it is a serious problem. Judging me for being wrong about the facts is stupid,” he added.

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