Gugu’s death completes three years and family posts open letter: ‘Life doesn’t end here’

Presenter died on November 21, 2019 at the age of 60 following a domestic accident in the US

Reproduction/Recording/16.09.2021Gugu Liberato died on November 21, 2019 at the age of 60

death presenter Gugu Liberato turns three this Monday 21. The artist died at the age of 60 after a domestic accident in Orlando, United States. Through the artist’s Instagram, which was turned into a kind of collection, the family posted an open letter about what happened during this period without the presenter. “In these 1095 days many things have changed here and you were no longer by our side. We faced a sad pandemic that made the world cry a lot, and we had to learn a new way of living. Eastern Europe is facing a war between Russia and Ukraine and here in Brazil we have just elected a new president. Like you, many loved ones have passed away: Marília Mendonça, Paulo Gustavo, Jô, Gal, Boldrin, Isabel from volleyball… wow, in these three years many have left for a new journey. You may have found some. The opening of the Qatar Cup took place yesterday and the ceremony brought a beautiful message of peace, equality and harmony to the world. So be it,” the text began.

The letter emphasized how difficult it was to experience all these moments without being able to talk about it with Gugu: “It was so good talking to you, how we miss you. But here and there life goes on. Don’t worry, we are all fine, we try to fool the desire with a lot of memories. Scenes, moments, words, gestures, smiles. You left important feelings with each of us and not a day goes by without reframing those memories and asking the angels of heaven to always follow you by your side. Longing, longing, longing… what comforts us is to know that life does not end here and that one day we will surely meet again. Then yes, we can heal this desire with a tight hug, a genuine smile and certainly a tear blessed by emotion. See you one day, Gugu! May the light of God and the blessings of Jesus always guide your path. With the most sincere affection in this world, from his family, friends, staff and fans.” Rose Miriam Di Matteo, mother of Gugu’s children, also posted a tribute stating that he will be “forever”. She tries to prove in court that she had a stable relationship with the presenter and if she succeeds, she will be entitled to 50% of the artist’s estate. In Gugu’s will, he assigned 75% of the estate to his children and 25% to five nephews.

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