Gretchen gets angry with fans who fear arrest in Qatar: ‘Talkers on call’

On social networks, followers were concerned about the clothes the celebrity wore at the World Cup headquarters

Play/Instagram/@MariaGretchenGretchen is traveling to Qatar, where the World Cup is taking place

A photo posted on Instagram of the singer Gretchen sparked controversy among fans. “Sunbathing here in Qatar, hiding, because on the street I only wear a lot of clothes,” the artist wrote in the post, where she appears in a black bikini. Shortly afterwards, his followers warned of the danger of arrest in Qatar. “Then she goes to jail and cries,” said one user. “Without respect for the traditions of the Qatar, this is absurd. She only does this to offend, then she will be arrested or sentenced to death and she will complain,” wrote another. “If they pass by with the drone, he’s gone,” one profile warned. The ex-Fazenda quickly became annoyed and posted another post, claiming to respect the host country of the world cup🇧🇷 “For the on-duty talkers about my wardrobe: I have known the culture of the country for a long time, I would never despise the laws and culture.”

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