Graciele Lacerda manifests itself after speculation that she will become pregnant with the son of Zezé Di Camargo

Influencer, who is trying to conceive through in vitro fertilization, received several questions about Igor Camargo on social media

Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele Lacerda are trying to have a child through in vitro fertilization

the influencer Graciele Lacerda interacted with followers on social media and was impressed to receive several questions about an alleged pregnancy of Igor Camargoyoungest son of Zeze Di Camargo of Zilu Godoi. “Are you going to have a child with Igor?” someone asked. “Where did you get this from?! Shocked,” Zezé’s current wife responded in Instagram stories. ‘Igor will give his sperm to you? Is this true?” asked someone else. The influencer spoke again, saying that in her question box she was full of speculation about the genre: “Where did you get this? For God’s sake, I’m shocked! It was exactly what I was thinking at this point.” needed the championship to get such a train. Can someone explain to me where this is?” The country singer and influencer have already publicly stated that they are getting pregnant for test tube fertilization. About two months ago, the singer, who is Luciano’s duo, spoke on the subject with “Fofocalizando”. “There is a lot of evil on social media these days. I have been vasectomy for 12 years and many people think that having had a vasectomy can no longer be a father. Yes, that’s possible! For a woman to get pregnant in this process is not as easy as in a normal process, so it takes time,” he noted. On the same occasion, Graciele confirmed that the couple is trying to have a child, but the first two attempts at conception have not worked. “Training, we train a lot, but in our [caso] It can’t be natural,” he joked.

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