Goku and Moro get together in Viral Fan-Anime

That seems like an eternity ago Dragon Ball Super graced our screens with an anime series – but a LOT has happened in the Dragon Ball Super manga that fans wanted to see adapted into anime glory. One such milestone was the epic battle between Goku and “Planet-Eater” Moro, an ancient wizard who escaped from Galatian prison and threatened to consume all life in the galaxy.

Moro was one of the most powerful, terrifying, and absolutely brutal villains Goku and Vegeta have ever battled against, and the multiple rounds of hero versus villain (and rogue gang) battles were overwhelmingly embraced by fans as thrilling, action-packed battles.

Well, there’s no telling when (if ever) we’ll see Dragon Ball’s Moro Arc play out in anime form – but for now artist @EegiiArtto is holding it down for Dragon Ball fans everywhere, with this rough draft animated rendition of Moro battling Goku in his Ultra Instinct form! This clip comes on the heels of another Goku vs Moro battle clip we recently featured – just more proof that the Dragon Ball fan base is hungry for this arc to become anime!

The Moro Arc built on what the Tournament of Power arc did before, by allowing Goku to unlock the power of Ultra Instinct – a state of mind and power used by divine beings such as the Angels. However, Goku only scratched the surface of what Ultra Instinct really is – in the Moro Arc, he actually had to master the mindstate, in order to defeat an enemy (Moro) who was beyond Super Saiyan Blue’s control.

Like everything Dragon Ball arcs, Goku’s road to the fully mastered power of Ultra Instinct was long and winding. A stop along the way was Ultra Instinct’s mediocre or “gateway” state, Ultra Instinct Omen. As you can see in the animation above, the initial phase of Ultra Instinct certainly wasn’t enough to stop Moro.


In fact, Goku and Vegeta’s first clash with Moro on the planet New Namek was one of the most disastrous battles they’ve fought in. Moro and his gang of escaped convicts (the worst inmates in the galaxy) wreaked havoc on New Namek, with the life-sucking wizard obtaining all the Dragon Balls necessary to summon New Namek’s Great Dragon and restore the full magical power that the Supreme Kais of sealed the universe. That power boost and the near-death beating they received forced Goku and Vegeta to split ranks and go their separate ways; Goku got some help from a rebellious angel-in-training (Merus) to master Ultra Instinct and face Moro in a rematch on Earth. Even then, Vegeta’s brilliant new power set was needed to win the day in the end – but Goku topped it off with an Ultra Instinct energy avatar straight from Naruto.

That’s all to say: hopefully this animation above is a tease of how awesome Dragon Ball Supers Moro Arc will be when we finally get it in anime.

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