God of War Ragnarok director explains controversial decision with Kratos and Mjolnir

Warning: spoilers ahead War god Ragnarok can be found in this article.

The director of War god Ragnarok has shed more light on a somewhat controversial decision made in-game regarding Kratos and Mjolnir, the hammer that Thor wields. In the run up to Ragnarok, many fans were convinced that Kratos would use Mjolnir on himself at some point after battling it out with Thor. Unfortunately, this dream never materialized, which ended up surprising some people. Now the director of the project has explained why this step was taken.

In conversation with IGN, Ragnarok’s God of War Eric Williams opened up about the thought process involving Kratos and his potential to wield Mjolnir. While he admitted that the idea of ​​giving Mjolnir to Kratos as an in-game weapon was something that was on the table at Santa Monica Studio, Williams didn’t like this for a number of reasons. Not only did giving Kratos Mjolnir somewhat clash with the narrative and thematic aspects of War god Ragnarokbut Williams also believed it would not be a surprising choice at all.

“The ax is made to counterbalance [Mjolnir]. It’s almost like the good and evil weapon. So [Kratos] wields the weapon for just. Thor wields the weapon to take down the giants and things like that. So we didn’t think it was appropriate [Mjolnir] in Kratos would work really well,” Williams said. “I’ll be totally honest too, I’ll tell you what I told the team, […] for me it was too easy. It was expected. It’s what people, they could understand. They could think about it. It wouldn’t surprise. But the weapon that would surprise was the one we gave him.”

Williams went on to talk about this weapon given to Kratos and went on to say that the third major item in Ragnarok, the Draupnir spear, had a much more personal connection to the former Greek god of war. The Spear didn’t just have direct ties to the 2010s God of War: Spirit of Sparta, but it’s also made with Kratos’ own blood, which made him feel more directly owned. Even though the Draupnir spear may not have been fans’ first choice when it comes to new weapons coming in RagnarokWilliams also said he was extremely proud of the way it was implemented.

“We thought about that a lot and I challenged the team as well. I said, ‘Hey, we want to make the best stick ever, which all spears will be judged by,'” Williams said. “And I’ll be honest, I think I’d compare ours to anything I’ve seen in a video game.”

Despite this explanation from Williams, you are still sad about it War god Ragnarok didn’t Kratos end up using Mjolnir in the end? And have you already played the game for yourself? Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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