God of War is now MCU Canon

It looks like God of War now exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. God of War is one of the biggest game franchises out there and is largely the result of the 2018 soft reboot. While it has certainly had its time to shine on PS2 and PS3, many have emerged from it as the franchise has a lot of more fearful and somewhat immature side of the industry. They are fun games and still have a lot of value, but as time went on standards changed and more was asked of games. The 2018 entry was a huge shake-up, as it focused more on giving Kratos depth and asking questions is past behavior, offering a more mature take on the beloved franchise. The latest entry, War god Ragnarokis PlayStation’s fastest selling first-party game of all time which speaks volumes about its reach.

It also seems that God of War has gained so much fame that it received some recognition in the MCU. In the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special which was recently released on Disney+, the name of the franchise was dropped. After Drax and Mantis land on Earth, they go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see a bunch of people dressed as the Avengers, celebrities and characters from other franchises. A family rushes forward to take a picture with Drax and Mantis, thinking they are also cosplayers, and a woman says “I got a picture with the God of War!”

God of War reference in The Guardian’s of the Galaxy Holiday Special from
God of war

Of course, they don’t specifically mention Kratos, but Drax does have the very general design of the character, as he’s bald, muscular, shirtless, and covered in scars and blemishes. It’s also worth noting that Drax actor Dave Bautista has expressed interest in playing Kratos in Amazon’s live-action adaptation of God of War. It’s unclear if this will materialize, but Bautista has also campaigned to star in Netflix’s live action adaptation of Weapons of waran Xbox shooter franchise.

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