Glória Maria was unable to perform the last dream report; know which

“I think after all these years it would be a great gift from Globo,” the journalist said in an interview

Disclosure / GloboIn the last report, Glória Maria dreamed of traveling to Mars

The journalist Glory Mary he could not carry out the story that he intended to retire from television. The reporter, who passed away last Thursday the 2nd after battling cancer, revealed while participating in “Roda Viva”, on TV Cultura, that she had a bold desire to go to Mars. The topic came up on the show when she was asked if she was ever censored. Glória said no and remembered when she was given permission to report on nudist beaches for “Fantástico”. “No naked image of me appeared on television because we are good at filming, we have great cameras, so we had a whole situation where I did not appear,” said the journalist, who made history in Brazilian journalism by traveling to more than 100 countries do reports.

After traveling around the world, Glória began to dream of traveling to another planet. “I have never been censored, nobody has ever said to me: ‘You can’t do that’. So there are some things that they don’t judge at all, dangerous things. I want – and I hope I can, my swan song, I beg on my knees – to go to Mars in one of those machines there, those rockets. With that thing about my surgery [na cabeça, falaram:] ‘Can not’. It has nothing to do with the other,” the journalist said at the time. “I think it would be a great gift from Globe I hope after all these years someone in power is listening.” Afterwards she said that she would see this report as a farewell: “It would be my big closing story”. Glória has been with Globo since 1971 and in these more than 50 years in the business she was on the main in-house news programs and was the first reporter to make a live link on “National newspaper”. Currently she was running “Globo Repórter” with Sandra Anneberg.

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