Gladiator 2 gets a release date

gladiatorial 2 has a release date after the highly anticipated sequel hit another development milestone. According to Deadline, Paramount is scheduling the next picture of Ridley Scott for November 22, 2024. At the time of talk, Paul Mescal is in talks to play the lead role. Naturally, Scott is a producer for the sequel to the beloved film. In that capacity, Lucy Fisher, Doug Wick and Michael Pruss join him. Writing this story with David Scarpa, who has been working on this particular project for a while. It’s hard to imagine a legacy sequel this far past the initial release. But it’s likely that Paramount saw the success of Top gun: Maverick and other legacy efforts and decided to jump in after the long hiatus.

Now Russell Crowe’s Maximus will not return by time travel or any such mechanism. (Remember he died at the end of the first movie!) Now Mescal would play Lucius, the son of Lucilla, who was a boy in Gladiator. Commodus had the boy as a cousin who looked up to the slain gladiator. It goes without saying that the man who saved him and his mother would have made some impression on him. Other details are scarce beyond the Thanksgiving release date. Interestingly enough, it feels like the only competition it will face at the box office will be a Disney animated movie.

How was a Gladiator sequel announced?

David Scarpa’s script has been the plan for this movie for a while now. Ridley Scotts Gladiator is definitely loved, but there wasn’t much talk of a sequel until five years ago. With the script set to be completed in spring 2022, all signs point to the project meeting that tight deadline. Scott said the sequel would be his next feature all in 2021. Completion Kit bag, was first on the filmmaker’s list. But after teaming up with Joaquin Phoenix again, it’s time to head back into even more familiar territory.

“First of all, I like doing period movies. I like the research. I like creating sort of period fragrances,” Scott told the press at the time. “I think what we did with the first Gladiator… I don’t like to be critical of other things that have happened before, but honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan of Roman epics in Hollywood. They felt artificial and when I was asked to consider a script, the script wasn’t very good. But the person who gave it to me said, I want to show you one thing, and he picked up an illustration, this is true, it’s called For those about to die by Gerôme. He holds it up. It’s a picture of this big painting of the Colosseum, and in the corner is this guy, about to eat this poor son of a bitch,” Scott added. “He’s got this thing on his neck and he’s seeking permission to kill. I went, damn it, that’s never been done right before. Never. I said I’ll do it. He said are you going? I said yes. Do you want to read the script? I said no, and we went off and ran around the table, developing the new material.

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