Gkay talks about seclusion after controversy with Fábio Porchat: ‘Painful storm’

Influencer told what she expects for 2023 and told what conclusion she came to after this period of reflection

Play/Instagram/gessicakayaneGkay retired for a period after controversy with Fábio Porchat

the digital influencer Gkay published this Friday 20 a text in which he spoke about his period of seclusion. The artist stepped away from social networks after being embroiled in a controversy with the comedian Fabio Porchat late last year. They exchanged barbs on social networks, after the comedian on the Prêmio Melhores do Ano, from “Domingão”, said that Jô Soares would rather die than interview Gkay. “2023, finally prepared, I come to talk about what I hope for this year: balance! I expect balance to understand myself, to try to evolve, to take action, to grow. During this period of isolation, where a whirlwind of situations and emotions pervaded my life, sadness was one of the feelings that brought me the most reflection and I used this entire moment to think about everything and take a get started in this new year where my focus is on experiencing an emotional and behavioral change,” the owner of “Farofa” wrote. In the post on Instagram, Gkay noted that the turn of the year is a delicate time for her, as it was on New Year’s Eve that she lost her father.

“It’s like every New Year’s Eve also means mourning for me, but also a turning point, a pause to think about what I can improve, correct and move on. I firmly believe it was a ‘great turning point’ in my life.” The influencer added that she continues to believe that “time helps bring revelation, clarity and healing to many aspects” of life. “I want to use it in the best possible way to reframe a lot of things. This recent episode allowed me to see how much I needed to look at myself, so today I didn’t give up on my therapy, physical activity, and friends. Gkay also thanked the family and friends who stood by her during this time and the fans who understood that she had to go away for a while. “This was the first year of my life that I chose not to set goals, I had nothing planned for the beginning of the year because my goals were already set by Him and those are the goals I want to follow. I love you and I already love 2023, which started with a painful but necessary storm, but I believe that in the end everything turned out well,” he concluded.

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