Gkay loosens lip filler and is shocked by the result: “I took my mouth off”

After a controversy involving Fábio Porchat, the digital influencer resurfaced on social networks with a revamped look

Play/Instagram/@gessicakayaneGessica Kayane Removed Lip Filler

the digital influencer Gessica Kayane appeared on social networks with a renewed look. After a series of cosmetic procedures performed over the years, the actress decided to undo it lip filler and was impressed with the result. “I took my mouth off, I still have to get used to it. I got the filling from the doctor who I love so much and who supports me a lot. I’m still testing different angles. Did you like it?! It’s weird at first,” he revealed to his followers on Instagram. The end of the voluminous lips of Gkay, as is known, seems to have pleased the Internet, which praised the natural look of the mouth. “Gkay has taken the lip filler off and it definitely looks better! Glad she’s in the most natural mood,” said one profile. “Gkay finally took his mouth off. Her face was 1000 times more beautiful,” another netizen celebrated. The reveal of the end of lip fillers was one of the social media influencer’s first achievements in 2023. During the holiday season, the content creator left her profiles after falling out with Fabio Porchatwho joked about getting the presenter involved Joe Soares.

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