Giovanna Ewbank cries as she talks about her son’s syndrome and reveals she feels ‘absurdly guilty’

Presenter even thought Bless, age 8, had some degree of autism, but he was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder

Play/Youtube/@GiohGiovanna Ewbank cries when she talks about her son’s sensory syndrome

Giovanni Ewbank became emotional during the program “Quem Pod, Pod” when she spoke about the sensory syndrome of her 8-year-old son Bless. During the conversation with the presenter Manuel Soares, she revealed that she felt absurdly guilty when she was diagnosed. “He came by the kitchen several times, for example, and said: “Oh, what a strong smell!”. And I was like, ‘Bless, stop it. It’s fresh, son! It’s the smell of onions.” When he stepped on the grass and said, “Get me out of here!” And I said, “Son, don’t be so cool, it’s just grass.” He wanted to be held a lot, he didn’t like to go to the middle of the forest, where we go a lot, because he was bothered by the sound of flying. When I was diagnosed, it was an absurd guilt,” he said. The presenter also said that during the pandemic, Bless was very light-hearted and that she even thought he had autism because he “started doing some things that I thought were a little strange” I started to think that maybe he had some degree of autism, until a doctor in São Paulo diagnosed him with sensory syndrome,” he explains. Giovanna has three children with Bruno Gagliasso: Titi, 9 years old, Bless, 8, and Zyan, 2. The presenter said that the middle child is living very well with the syndrome these days. “We had to understand, observe, adapt. And today Bless lives very well with this sensory syndrome. But it took my gaze, Bruno’s gaze and several doctors to understand Bless’ condition,” he said. Sensory Syndrome – Sensory Processing Disorder (TPS) – is characterized by changes in sensory aspects such as hearing, touch, taste, vision or smell.

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