Gina Carano berates a journalist who says she ruined her career

Early 2021, Gina Caranoactress and former MMA fighter, was fired from the series The Mandalorian, where she played the character of Cara Dune. The reason for the dismissal was his support for Trump and some controversial comments about the political situation in the United States.

After you leave disneyowner of the Luke Movieand so of Star Wars, Carano moved on to work on smaller projects. Recently, journalist Richard Newby noted that Carano ruined his career.

According to daily mailNewby posted the following on Twitter on Tuesday (10):

“I will never stop laughing at the fact that she could have her own Star Wars series, toys, books, comics, clothes. She was close. She not only fiddled with the bag, she threw it away, pulled it over her head and cut off the air supply.”

For her part, Gina responded to the tweet, “Here’s a @THR contributor who repeatedly joins an online mob of anonymous accounts harassing me.”

“Do you know we launched Terror on the Prairie exclusive to @realDailyWire and you didn’t know about it? Or is ignorance and spreading hatred your only aim here?’ she continued.

“I didn’t mess with the bag, I just didn’t agree with the sales pitch. The online mafia couldn’t handle it, so they asked for my resignation and they got it.”

Soon after, he wrote: “I don’t regret that. I stood up for what I think is the right thing to do and the more time passes the better I feel.”

“The real problem is out-of-print journalists like you who have sold out America and stopped asking questions to be enjoyed by a fickle and manipulated crowd. This is what you valued and this will be your legacy.

Why was Gina Carano fired?

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian (Play / Disney+)

Gina Carano was criticized after some publications on her social networks when she compared the political situation in the United States to the Holocaust.

According to the Daily Mail, she wrote at the time that “Jews were beaten in the street, not by Nazi soldiers, but by their neighbours…even by children.”

She added: “As they edit history, most people today don’t realize that in order to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them, simply because they were Jews… What’s the difference with hating someone because of his political views?”

The publication sparked an online campaign to fire the actress from the Star Wars series. Consequently, it wasn’t long before a Lucasfilm spokesperson announced that Carano would no longer appear in the film’s future plans. disney+ for the series The Mandalorian. Furthermore, the UTA talent agency also dropped the actress.

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