Giancarlo Esposito teases his secret to playing villains

Although he was a remarkable actor for many years, Star Wars: The Mandalorian And The boys actor Giancarlo Esposito has had a heel spur for the past ten years. After scaring everyone as Gus Fring continues Break badthe Do the right thing star went on a tear while playing antagonists and appeared as Moff Gideon in Star Wars: The Mandalorian and then if Stan Edgar in The Boys (plus a return to Fring in the prequel series You better call Saul. Speak in one of GK‘s signature “_____ Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters” videos, Esposito told me what it takes to play a great villain, and frankly, it’s great acting advice.

“You see someone mimicking you, you see someone who really feels comfortable in their own skin. I always observe older people who have nothing to prove. They live their lives, they feel comfortable in their own skin, and that’s what I want,” Esposito revealed. “Moff Gideon is a very complicated guy and I like to play him for a number of reasons… So I play him in the first two seasons like maybe he’s trying to write down all the wrongs of the universe and the galaxy, and the world in which he’s in, by being in charge But he knows everything and no one knows how So he has a very strong information network, which is great, but what does he really want? You don’t really know, except for the kid. I think that part of my success is playing villainous characters with a human touch, who are very astute and very aware of themselves and the world around them.”

As for his character The boyscoming face-to-face with the deadly Homelander on more than one occasion, he added, “I mean, we think what makes a good villain is that he wants to take over the world. And I’ve got some in my Star Wars Moff Gideon life. But when you have a guy who’s a corporate guy, it’s scary. And so Stan Edgar kind of scared me because he’s not scared.”

Esposito’s character The boys was somewhat sidelined in the show’s third season, but the man himself previously teased that he’d be back for the series’ upcoming fourth season. We also know that Gideon will be back in season three of The Mandalorian at. Both shows return this year with The Mandalorian back on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 1.

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