Ghost Rider rides a SHIELD helicopter in Marvel’s New Avengers Preview

Jason Aaron’s year-long run on Avengers is coming to an end soon, and the writer is pulling out all the stops for his finale. In Marvel’s latest preview for Avengers forever #11, the writer has Robbie Reyes possess an interdimensional SHIELD Helicarrier, in one of the Spirit of Vengeance’s most awesome feats to date.

“THE PILLARS: CONCLUSION! The largest collection of Avengers ever seen has been collected from across the Multiverse, representing each of the major pillars of the group’s infinite incarnations,” reads Marvel’s synopsis for the series. “But for one central figure, there are no other variants to be found anywhere in creation. Robbie Reyes is a Ghost Rider like no other. And now his ultimate form must finally be unleashed. Now the All-Rider rises.”

Avengers forever crossed with the primary Avengers title to serve as the multiversal end cap of Aaron’s overall run, a five-year run that began in 2017.

Keep scrolling to see the first five pages of Avengers forever #11, out November 23!

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