General Motors is planning a small electric pickup truck

General Motors is planning a small electric pickup truck

A baby two-door pickup truck is under consideration in the US as auto giant General Motors looks to build a range of affordable electric vehicles.

A small electric pickup — even smaller than the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz — could be headed for a production future at General Motors in the US.

A clay model of the sporty, baby two-door pickup truck, along with a range of other designs, was unveiled in a media briefing at GM’s “affordable EV design studio” in Detroit, while the company seeks feedback on its plan.

It’s a two-door pickup, not the four-door layout popular in the US and Australia, and smaller than anything currently in the GM lineup Automotive News.

“We create these to get a reaction and then try to modify them or move on,” Michael Pevovar, Chevrolet’s head of affordable EV and crossover design, reportedly told reporters as he reviewed the designs in the introduced the United States.

“What works? What does not work? What is expected?”

“Affordability is key here, and there are many different ways to approach that.”

The baby pickup seen by Automotive NewsIt is described as “futuristic and sporty”.

“Marketing images behind the pickup showed consumers using it for recreational activities such as surfing,” it said.

Mr. Pevovar said GM is targeting large-capacity electric vehicles as it expands its future lineup.

“What they don’t have in volume, they make up for in lower price. That attracts people,” he says.

He also told reporters that GM was looking for feedback before moving forward with the baby pickup plan.

“The input can come back like it’s just too small, and that’s okay,” he said.

“Perhaps [it won’t be] suitable for what this architecture can offer, but does it have legs for other architectures where it might need to be a bit taller?

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