GameStop reportedly leaked customer addresses and other data

GameStop has reportedly leaked a ton of sensitive customer information to other customers through its own website. GameStop is the largest game retailer out there today as competition has been reduced to small mom and pop stores, online/digital stores, and the very small selection that other retailers like Target have. They have managed to survive the rise of the digital age, but for how long remains unclear. The retailer has been criticized over the years for many things, such as how it pushed NFTs, failed to fulfill pre-orders, and much more. It’s a pretty controversial company right now, and it looks like a new story will keep it alive in controversy.

During the weekend, social media users started reporting that GameStop leaked private information about other customers. According to reports (through VGC), GameStop’s website began displaying other customers’ information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and order history. Some also stated that they could very briefly see a full credit card number, but it’s unclear if that’s actually true or accurate. However, some could see partial numbers, which is still very alarming. The website had issues and changed the information displayed when it was refreshed, compromising a large number of accounts. At this point, it’s unclear if the issue has been resolved or if it could still happen. GameStop has yet to publicly address the matter, but we’ll update this article if the company releases a statement.

While it is not specified that data will be compromised by a hack or the like, it is very rare for such a glitch to give other users just the information. It is extremely problematic to access someone’s account and if they were able to view orders there is a chance that someone would be able to edit pending orders and change the address it is being shipped to. Nevertheless, GameStop will hopefully take steps to make sure this can’t happen again.

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