Galvão Bueno is fired and records a relaxed video in the hospital: ‘More in shape every day’

Narrator was diagnosed with Covid-19 and intensified treatment ahead of the World Cup in Qatar

Play/Twitter/@galvaobuenoGalvão Bueno reassures fans and publishes relaxed video on his Instagram

The storyteller Galvao Bueno published this Tuesday 15 a relaxed video with his followers on Instagram. He warned that he was fired after being hospitalized for treatment of COVID-19 and reassured fans. The narrator had been admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital since November 12. Globo’s main narrator, Galvão Bueno, intensified the intended treatment World Cup 2022, which will take place in Qatar. Since admission, there have been no complications in his health condition. The match starts next Sunday, August 20. In the video, Galvão appears to be training in the health department. He is shown lifting barbells and pedaling a stationary bike. “Get fitter every day! All with medical discharge. Just wait for the test to be negative!” the narrator wrote accompanied by the hashtags “Bora pro Qatar” and “Vem Hexa”. Today it was more than five kilometers. I haven’t exercised so much in my life in a long time: morning and afternoon, twice a day, are you okay? It’s time to travel, ‘let’s go’ to the World Cup! Qatar is there,” the narrator said.

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