Gallus crowned new WWE NXT Tag Team Champions on Vengeance Day

The battle for the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships had all the potential to be one of the best matches of the night, and it definitely succeeded. The New Day would go on to defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against Chase U, Gallus, and Pretty Deadly, and the odds were certainly stacked against them given the sheer numbers. New Day wasn’t intimidated in the slightest though, but at one point it really looked like Chase U would be the ones to take their titles. However, New Day got back in before that could happen, but then Gallus delivered the insurmountable blows that the Champs couldn’t overcome, and it would be Gallus’s Mark Coffey and Wolfgang who would stand tall as the new Tag Team champions.

Woods started in the ring against Elton Prince, but soon Xavier Woods and Kit Wilson were in. Then Pretty Deadly taunted New Day from the outside, but they were knocked down. Then they got scared by Thea Hail and Woods got Prince in the ring. Duke Hudson tapped in and helped Woods take down Prince before going in and combing with Andre Chase to take down Prince. Wilson tapped in, but Chase hit him with a knee and knocked him down before Mark Coffey tapped in. Wolfgang tapped in and kept the attack on Wilson going, and then Gallus slashed Wilson in the chest.

He started yelling at everyone, but Coffey hit him and Woods tapped in and returned the favor. Wolfgang came in and knocked Woods down with a shoulder tackle, but Prince tapped in and sent Wolfgang out. Prince sent Woods reeling and then tried to run for cover, but Woods kicked out. Wilson tapped in and kept chasing after Woods, keeping him grounded and not building momentum. Pretty Deadly combined some big chops on Woods’ chest and then taunted a bit.

Prince then knocked Hudson and Chase off the ring, but Woods took the opportunity and knocked him down. Woods tapped into Kingston and he dropped Pretty Deadly and Gallus. Kingston clotheslined Prince and then clotheslined Coffey before getting them all out of the ring.

Then everyone went in the ring and collided, and at one point Kingston almost had the win, but everyone came in and broke it out. Kingston was on top with Chase and Andre threw him out into everyone else. However, Wilson punched Chase and then pulled him up, but Chase broke it apart and pushed him from the top to everyone else on the ground.

Gallus sent Chase to the announcement desk and then they picked him up, but Hudson broke it. Then Hudson slammed Wolfgang and Coffey against the barricades. Wilson then uppercut Hudson and Pretty Deadly tried to lift Hudson but they couldn’t lift Hudson but Prince made sure it didn’t and they slammed him into the ring apron.

Hudson then did Pretty Deadly double with clothes and gave Wilson a massive punch. A senton followed and then an upper belly came from belly to belly. He even hit a huge tackle on Coffey. Hudson attacked Gallus outside, but they lifted him up and put him through a table. Chase knocked out Wolfgang and then hit Coffey with a leg swing. It was time for a Teachable Moment, and he hit the crossbody in a wrap, but Coffey kicked out.

Chase put Coffey in a figure four, but Wolfgang came out of nowhere and set up Chase for the finisher. Coffey pinned Chase, but he kicked out. Kingston then came out of nowhere and knocked out Gallus. He went upstairs and fell into Pretty Deadly, who knocked him to the ground together. Woods knocked them both down and then hit Coffey with a forearm before moving up, but was caught by Wolfgang and pinned by Coffey, making Gallus the new NXT Tag Team Champion.

Steel Cage Match for NXT Championship: Bron Breakker (C) vs Grayson Waller

NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match: Roxanne Perez (C) vs Jacy Jayne vs Gigi Dolin

NXT North American Championship Game: Wes Lee (C) final. Dike

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Fallon Henley and Kiana James (C) finals Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (C) defeats The New Day, Pretty Deadly and Chase U

Two out of three falls: Defeating Carmelo Hayes. Apollo crews

You can watch NXT Vengeance Day live on Peacock.

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