Futuristic electric Porsche 911 imagined with this computer illustration

Futuristic electric Porsche 911 imagined with this computer illustration

It may be some time before Porsche unveils an electric-powered 911, but one artist has envisioned what it might look like.

the Porsche 911 has been reinterpreted as an electric sports car and offers a glimpse into the future of one of the most famous sports cars in the world.

digital artist Nicholas Vigier created these images of a futuristic 911, taking inspiration from iconic Porsche models like the 356 and Targa, as well as some design cues from the company’s recent electric concepts.

Although there is no direct connection between the artist and Porsche, the concept was born out of a design brief that specified the vehicle as “electric and modern, yet with the classic Porsche design language”.

The 911 Concept is essentially split in two from the shoulder line, with the Los Angeles-based artist making the glass roof an “organic surface” while the lower half was inspired by the “rugged forms of product design”.

The 911’s signature oval headlights have been replaced with four LEDs on each side, giving off some vibes from the very rare slanted-nosed 911s of the past while mirroring the light pattern of recent 911s.

The car’s unusual rear is said to take inspiration from the classic Coke bottle shape, as well as race cars from across Porsche’s history – although there seems to be more than a nod to the brand’s 2021 electric Mission R concept.

Porsche has invested heavily in synthetic fuels – including a new plant being built in Tasmania – and the company is working to ensure officials in the European Union allow synthetic fuels to be used in vehicles once new legislation comes into force, effectively banning conventional gasoline and diesel engines in the region.

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