Funk singer holds sex lottery with him to promote music; see requirements

In addition to promoting his new work, Dornelles wants to gain more followers on social media.

Playback/Instagram/dornellesmusicDornelles launched a lottery whose prize is to have a sexual relationship with him

the funk singer dornelles decided on one prize draw unusual. The winner has the right to have a sexual relationship with him. The result will be announced next Monday the 21st and to participate it is necessary to fill out a form, follow the funk singer on all social networks and listen to his new work many times, Kama Surta Remixwhen streaming song🇧🇷 The form emphasizes that “it is strictly necessary” to be over 18 years old to participate in this draw and to the Rio de Janeiro or are willing to travel there at their own expense. Interested parties must provide some personal information on the form, such as full name, email, Instagram profile, telephone and age. On the morning of this Friday, the 18th, Dornelles celebrated the repercussions of his draw. “I was sleeping and they woke me up to say I had 18,000 followers [no Instagram], thanks for entering the giveaway!! There’s a lot more to come.” The idea of ​​the funk singer became a topic on social networks. “Dornelles is going to take my virginity, master,” one person commented. “I can’t believe it (laughs). I don’t even win bingo, but if luck favors me,” another wrote. “Apply even if I’m not from Rio, and God willing,” another added.

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