From bonding with Tim Maia to Jovem Guarda: Think Erasmo Carlos’ career

Singer-songwriter known for hits such as ‘Minha Fama de Mau’ and ‘Festa de Arromba’ passed away on Tuesday at the age of 22.

WILTON JUNIOR/STADÃO CONTENTSErasmo Carlos performing at Rock in Rio 2015

Died this Tuesday, 22, at the age of 81, the singer Erasmo Carlos🇧🇷 The cause of death was not disclosed by the next of kin, but hours before the death, the composer was intubated at Hospital Barra D’Or, in Rio de Janeiro🇧🇷 Recently, the singer was released from the same hospital and celebrated the improvement in his health after a lung infection. So far, no information about the wake has been released. Erasmo was one of the great names of national music, characterized by collaborations with Roberto Carlos and Jovem Guarda, responsible for hits such as burglary party and My bad fame🇧🇷 Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1941, Erasmo began his musical career in 1958, when he participated in the group The Snakes, which Tim Mai as a member.

The composer decided to leave behind his first name, Erasmo Esteves, and adopt the surname Carlos as a way of Carlos Imperialyour early career agent, and Robert Carlos, who would become one of his great friends and musical partners. He already released the compact O Terror dos Namorados under the name Erasmo Carlos, which became a great success. In 1965 he released his first studio album called ‘Pescaria’. As late as the 1960s, Erasmo achieved national success with Jovem Guarda, a program launched in Brazil where, in addition to Roberto Carlos and Wanderlea, the composer conquered thousands of fans. In 1966, ‘Tremendão’, as he became known, was charged with corruption of minors, and was later acquitted. However, he fell into a crisis and needed the help of his friend Roberto Carlos to recover.

During his long career, Erasmo collected more than 643 recordings recorded in the Central Office of Collection and Distribution (Ecad), 682 songs, more than 800 compositions, 38 studio CDs recorded. Five days before his death, Erasmo had his last work recognized and received the Latin Grammy for Best Rock or Alternative Music Album in Portuguese for the album “The future belongs to… Jovem Guarda🇧🇷 His life was portrayed in the movie “Minha Fama de Mau”, in which Erasmo was played Chay suede🇧🇷 The feature film was released in 2019 and tells the story of the singer about his rise and the difficult moments in his career. Another remarkable point in Erasmo’s career is his passion for Vasco, which was immortalized in his repertoire with the song ‘Nosso Vasco Campeão’. On his social networks it is possible to see records of the singer wearing the uniform of the Rio de Janeiro team.

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