Friends actor starred in 90s sci-fi no one remembers

It’s no news that Hollywood is trying to turn recent industry revelations into profits in its movies, and with it Matt LeBlancin Friendsthe attempt was not very successful.

The actor, famous for having lived the character of Joey Tribiani in the comedy series, was one of the great darlings of cinema due to his popularity on TV. According to the issue of looperhowever, the fans’ love for Joey and Friends never translated into ticket sales.

It’s not that Matt hasn’t had success on the big screen; in 1996 he starred in the comedy Ed the very crazy monkeywho, while not an outburst, kept his eyes on the actor.

Just as he was a much sought-after actor at the time, so were his co-stars Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. It was thanks to Matthew’s lunge that he got the chance to shine Lost in Space: The Movie.

Friends and actor presence were ‘bait’ to attract audiences?

Lost in space was a remake of a 1960s TV series of the same name, which was supposed to be an adaptation of the screenwriter Akiva Goldman. While it seemed like a good idea on paper, the movie was a complete bust.

Matt LeBlanc as Don West in Lost in Space (Handout)

With a budget of $80 million, the film made just $69 million domestically and another $67 million worldwide.. A production with this name and with a cast that included the actor from the most popular comedy series at the time expected a much higher profit margin.

The critics didn’t like the movie at all, which they do an average of 27% on official reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, earning it the title ‘Rotten Tomato’. General audiences also disliked the film, which has an overall approval rating of 24% with over 10,000 ratings.

The lesser of evil, and at least Matt’s performance isn’t considered the worst part of the movie. Poor script and direction that left much to be desired, one of the few aspects to be praised in the film is the actor as Don West.

With such a rejection, the story of Lost in space ended up in the refrigerator for almost 25 years, until the Netflix created a new serial format remake in 2018.

Lost in space

Although it has already been canceled, the attraction had three seasons that created a new generation of fans.

Lost in Space: The Movie is available at HBO max.

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