Frasier Revival Reveals New Cast Members

FrasierThe highly anticipated sequel has cast Anders Keith and Jess Salgueiro in roles for the Paramount+ series. Variety reported the moves for the streaming revival. Kelsey Grammer, of course, returns for the titular role. Nicholas Lyndhurst and Jack Cutmore-Scott would also appear. With Keith he plays Frasier’s cousin and Salgueiro becomes his son Freddy’s roommate. It’s an inventive way of circumventing some of the fans’ expectations of an uncomplicated continuation. But the two characters also make a lot of sense bouncing off on the older members of the cast.

Variety describes newcomer David as “a bumbling freshman with a penchant for outrageous observations. Frasier’s cousin David has Niles’s intelligence, Daphne’s smile and neither their shine. David’s unearned self-confidence may baffle some, but Frasier has a predilection for his cousin’s sincere enthusiasm.”

With Salgueiro’s Eve, she is “spontaneous, outgoing and bursting with creative energy whether asked or not. Eve is a breath of fresh air. With an innate ability to connect with both Frasier and Freddy, Eve is a crucial bridge between father and son as they try to reconcile.”

Here’s how Paramount describes the return of the beloved show: “Frasier heads to another town with new challenges, new relationships to forge, and some old dreams to finally fulfill. Frasier has re-entered the building!”

What can we expect from the Frasier Revival?

In an earlier interview with, executive producer Grammer explained what the new show is like Frasier kind of starting over. There is some distance between the old cast of friends and family. Chris Harris, van How I met your mother fame, write the scripts with Joe Cristalli (Life in pieces.) Check out what he had to say!

“He’s our brave little soldier moving on in life, finding new challenges and a new love and new people and a new town and things like that,” Grammer shared. “I’m really, really excited about it, and we will certainly always honor the past. We have to honor the fact that John Mahoney passed away and Martin is no longer with us. We will definitely have to deal with that.”

“We’ll certainly respond to the fact that there was a brother and everything,” Grammer continued. “But the new world for Frasier is one of new friendships — and some new twists he didn’t know were still in it.”

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