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The original Seven Deadly Sins may have passed the torch to the next generation, but those new anime protagonists will be taking the reins via the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. With creator Nakaba Suzuki’s manga series originally arriving in 2021 and continuing to release new chapters to this day, a new trailer recently came out earlier this month with a new poster also hitting the scene, featuring the new hero who appears on the scene.

While the original series came to an end, the story continued with the arrival of the new movie The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh. With the first installment of this two-part movie pairing introducing us to the son of the anime franchise’s original heroes, Meliodas and Elizabeth, the second outing is slated to release in August of this year, meaning there’s a lot for fans of the sins to look forward to.

The Seven Deadly Posters

The new anime adaptation from Studio Telecom Animation Films will air its first episodes sometime this year, giving fans a new look not only through this poster, but also with the new trailer released earlier this month:

(Photo: Studio Telecom)

The official synopsis for the anime sequel series, which introduced fans to the new character Percival and his allies, reads as follows:

“Percival has always lived with his grandfather on God’s Finger, a remote retreat high above the clouds. And while he loves the simple life, he secretly longs for adventure. But Percival’s life is changed forever when an intruder – who has a shocking connection to him – tears away everything he has ever known.

With nothing to do but go after the one who took everything from him, Percival goes off on his own. During his journey, the sheltered boy discovers that there are many things he does not know about normal life. Fortunately, he meets friends along the way who can help him, but how will they react when they hear about Percival’s fate… and how it is connected to the end of the world?”

Are you hyped for a brand new group of adventurers to carry on the tradition of the Sins? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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