Former WWE Champion, other stars reportedly returning at Royal Rumble 2023

WWEs royal rumble pay-per-view is just over two weeks away and rumors are already swirling about the surprises the annual event has in store. It was previously reported that Edge would be back on TV for the first time since losing Finn Balor Extreme rules to build up to a rematch with Balor in Hell in a Cell at the Rumble. However, there are no signs that match has been added to the card, and the former WWE Champion is still working on filming the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. PWInsider‘s latest report still mentions that Edge is being entered into the show, so there’s a good chance he’ll be in the Men’s Rumble instead of a singles match.

That final fight between Edge and Balor ended with Edge being forced to say I quit, while The Judgment Day threatened to hit Beth Phoenix in the head with a Con-Chair-To. The villainous group did it anyway, even after the WWE Hall of Famer conceded. PWInsider’s report also states that Phoenix has been booked for the Women’s Rumble.

Two other names reportedly booked on the show are Doudrop and Logan Paul. The former is out due to illness, while the latter should be ready as long as his knee is fully recovered. Paul initially claimed to have torn his meniscus, MCL and possibly his ACL during his match with Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view last November. However, he has since stated that the injury was not nearly as serious as initially believed.

“As everyone knows, I ended up tearing my knee and told my manager during the game,” Paul said in a vlog at the end of November. “What was I supposed to do, stop? No, everyone was looking at me and I had another five-star frog splash to hit.”

Since his match with Reigns, Paul has been openly campaigning for a match with John Cena. The 16-time world champion is expected to return to action at WrestleMania 39, so that’s very possible.

“That’s my dream. I’ve proven the model twice now. I’ve proven the model of: a stubborn capable internet kid versus a GOAT, a leading industry leader. Floyd (Mayweather). That worked. Generated $65-70 million dollars. Reigns. Crown Jewel became the most watched international pay-per-view event WWE has ever had. I’ve done it twice. The reason is that when I’m paired with a legend, a top-tier industry leader, the model works .After Crown Jewel John Cena posted me on his Instagram and then I saw an article saying he was looking for an opponent at WrestleMania.I liked it, commented with the eyes.Honestly I think I vs. John Cena would break the internet I immediately texted Triple H, ‘you want to break the internet again?’ That’s a dream match. WrestleMania, in LA, on my birthday. Triple H, throw me a bone, give me a birthday present, let me take out John Cena. That would be awesome,” said Paul.

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