Former nanny Luana threatens to sue Piovani and explains why she spoke out to defend Scooby

Carolina Oliveira said she lived with her family and defended the truth: ‘I never meant to offend’

Former nanny of Piovani’s children spoke out after criticism from the actress

Former nanny of Luana Piovani and Peter Scooby, Carolina Oliveira decided to speak out after being criticized by the actress for expressing support on social networks for the surfer – who had filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife in Portugal. The former BBB claims that his intention is to stop Luana from denouncing family problems with the children, Dom, Bem and Liz, on social networks. The artist believes that Scooby is trying to silence her in order to clean up her image. In an interview with SBT’s “Fofocalizando”, the former employee of the couple at the time stated: “I never thought about exposing anything, talking about her [Luana]. And I don’t intend to. I thought everything was resolved. I never attacked her. The post I once made in support of Pedro has a why. I never wanted to belittle or insult her or make her feel like she was attacked.” Carolina said she supported Scooby because she disagreed with the attacks he suffered because of Luana’s exposures.

“I am on the side of truth. I lived with it and the truth is he is a good father just like she is a good mother. They’re good parents, both of them. I agree with his idea that this should not be denounced. Everything can be solved in a much more beneficial way, without exposing the children,” he said. The former nanny of Luana and Scooby’s children insisted that he won nothing from the ex-BBB because he defended him. “I have no contact with him. I have no relationship with him, not at all,” the professional emphasized. father, and I want to make it clear that this does not absolve her from being a great mother.” Carolina also said she intends to sue Luana.”I cannot seek my rights in light of what is happening. I am facing a lot of reprisals. It affected not only my personal but also my professional life. A whole life in check keep that I studied and acted. I’ve always been a great professional, I’ve never had an attack. I was always sincere and correct, I fulfilled my role and duties,” he concluded.

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