Former BBB who participated in acts in Brasilia makes video outside Brazil: ‘Now I feel safe’

Adriano Luiz, participant of the first edition of the reality show, said he had been warned by YouTube, but stressed that he will not remain silent

Playback/YouTube/DIDIREDPILLAdriano Luiz Ramos de Castro took part in the first edition of ‘BBB’

the visual artist Adriano Luis Ramos de Castroparticipant in the first edition of the “Big Brother Brazil”, first appeared on YouTube after participating in the acts of vandalism that took place on January 8 in Brasília. THE ex BBB, also known by the nickname Didi Red Pill, stated in the video he published last Tuesday the 17th: “Look, I’m back. I am making this short video to reassure you as I know you are all very concerned about my whereabouts. I’m not in Brazil, I’m far from there and I’m safe. Now that I feel safe I can make this video, before I couldn’t. My apologies to you, but there was no way.” Adriano said he stayed away from his channel because he not only felt unsafe, but was warned by YouTube.

“Know that I am fine, the channel has no video because I am on strike YouTube and once it’s over, we’re back with our lives. If they thought they were going to shut me up, they didn’t and they won’t,” he said. “Strike” is when the platform warns a user who is not following the community guidelines. If you get three strikes within 90 days, the channel will be permanently removed. Currently, the artist has 226,000 subscribers to his profile on the platform. On the day of the acts that resulted in the looting of the National Congress, the Planalto Palace and the headquarters of the STF (Federal Supreme Court), the former BBB released some videos showing that he was in Brasília. Adriano was responsible for popularizing the term “paredão”, before that the dispute over staying in the most guarded house in Brazil was called “berlinda”. He was the sixth eliminated from the game with 74% of the vote.

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