For Sylvester Stallone, making a movie is like a vacation.

Sylvester Stallone has an extensive film career. His first success was Rocky: a fighterfrom 1976, then stood out Rambo: programmed to killfrom 1982.

Since then, Stallone has made few TV appearances, such as in Police Story, Liberty’s Kids, Las Vegas and recently starred in the series tulsa king. But for the actor it is more difficult to work on television than in the cinema.

According to looper, in an interview with Broadcasting + Cable, Stallone compared working in television to movie theaters after so many years. He said the TV process is “harder, faster and longer”. And he added:

“Put it this way. In the time we’ve made it, 10 episodes is the equivalent of doing five Rockys in a row, five two-hour movies in a row with no break in between.”

He still showed respect for the crew and cast for being able to stick to such a rigorous schedule to produce a series.

This isn’t the first time Stallone has spoken out about the difficulty of working for TV. For Variety he stated:

“I can’t believe some people did that for four, five or six seasons. It is brutal compared to cinema. [O filme é] vacation compared to this! real”.

Sylvester Stallone is considering retirement

tulsa king it may be Sylvester Stallone’s last acting job. In an interview with IndieWire, the actor was asked about his future projects and then replied:

“To have [outros projetos], but maybe not acting. But I doubt the acting aspect. I think this one [Tulsa King] may be my swan song.”

Sylvester Stallone as Dwight Manfredi in Tulsa King (Play / Paramount+)

Actor talks about Tulsa King

In tulsa kinginterprets Stallone Dwight Manfredi, a mob leader who has just been released from prison. After being kicked out of New York, he starts his own business in Tulsa.

The actor said he modified Dwight’s personality to make the character more like him.

“I tried to make it as close to my personality as possible. The idea is: they have an idea, a concept, but if you’re a writer, you know how to adapt things to your strengths and how to work around your weaknesses. […] terry [Winter] He had that confidence in me.”

He also said that playing Dwight is easier because when he played Rambo, he wanted to “attack the pancakes in the morning”.

tulsa king premiered in November 2022 and is available on Paramount+. The cast includes Andrea Savage, Dana Delany, Garrett Hedlund, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza and Annabella Sciorra.

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