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To celebrate Black Adam’s digital release today, Vudu has made the first 10 minutes of the Dwayne Johnson movie available to watch for free. Dwayne Johnson plays the titular Black Adam in the DC movie, while also introducing fans to the Justice Society. The super team consists of Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). Naturally, Black Adam‘s post-credits scene also brought back Henry Cavill as Superman. While the Man of Steel is nowhere to be found in the opening sequence of Black Adamit’s still fun to see how the blockbuster starts.

The first 10 minutes of Black Adam teleports the audience to Kahndaq in 2600 BCE, where Teth-Adam rose from slave to champion of Kahndaq. Next, we move to the present, where Kahndaq is besieged by Intergang. Adrianna Tomaz’s (Sarah Shahi) son, Amon (Bodhi Sabongui), narrates the opening, which ends moments before Black Adam is awakened.

Black Adam vs Superman

After getting Henry Cavill to reprise his role as Superman in Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson started a potential Black Adam vs. Superman project hype. While fans are dying to see that clash of titans, The Rock is starting to temper expectations that the DC characters will clash sooner rather than later.

from Phase zero host Brandon Davis got to talk to Dwayne Johnson during the Black Adam premiered in NYC, where the star spoke for the first time when there was a Black Adam vs. Superman fight was in the works. At the time, The Rock gave a rather vague answer, saying “I don’t know. I think the question is, ‘Should it be the confrontation?’ And I don’t know if that’s the right way.”

In a follow-up tweet, The Rock added to his own statement, writing: “As always, great to chop the #Superman vs #BlackAdam with my man @BrandonDavisBD. That is certainly not the next step. We’ve got plenty more long-term stories to tell before that historic DCEU showdown and more new characters to establish. Enjoy the movie #BlackAdam!!”

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman Return a foregone conclusion?

Henry Cavill’s return to DC Films may not be set in stone as it first seemed. The coverUmberto Gonzalez of ‘s reported that there may be some trouble casting the Superman actor back into the fold. Of course, a lot of fans were happy to see the star appear towards the end of Black Adam. But according to the publication’s reporting, there is currently no writer or director attached to the project. And if that weren’t enough, there’s no formal deal for Cavill to continue wearing the cape and tights under the DC Films banner.

An insider says James Gunn and Peter Safran are hard at work getting the DCU timeline together. It seems that the Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav for the franchise is to have one big interconnected story. While that sounds nice on paper, ask Marvel how hard it is to weave together so many disparate elements into a pleasing timeline. The idea is very daunting and could become even more so if they don’t figure out what to do with Cavill.

Black Adam is now available for digital purchase.

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