Fiat relies heavily on small electric cars – report

Fiat relies heavily on small electric cars - report

The Ford Fiesta is gone and the Volkswagen Polo is iffy, but Fiat says it’s committed to the city car class.

Its competitors may be abandoning small cars for more popular — and profitable — SUVs, but Italian brands Fiat wants to focus on the small car segment with a wide range of electric vehicles.

Fiat boss Oliver François told the British publication car car The company is dedicated to developing its next generation of city cars.

“What we are very focused on is [micro cars, small cars, and medium-sized cars] but with the right engine, the right body and the right technology,” said Mr. François car car.

“The stuff that the customer is going to really crave at that moment. So small cars, but with a smart package.”

“The fact that there’s no Fiesta or Polo in the way is just fantastic because this is where we really belong. Where people expect us. We haven’t made a new Punto or anything like that since 2013, but if you ask European customers what they call their top [small car] Brands, Fiat is in the top three,” said Mr. François car car.

“We must own this [small car segment] again, and we must continue to own them [micro car segment]. We know why the others are leaving and I understand: it’s more demanding.”

“The only super profitable and easy way to go electric is to make it super premium because you’re embedding the horribly high cost of batteries into something that’s expensive anyway.”

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