Felipe Prior hits Rafa Kalimann after actress says men from the ‘BBB 20’ hurt her as a woman: ‘Unnecessary’

The former BBB said he entered the reality show to compete: ‘All I wanted was to win’

Play/Instagram/@felipepriorFelipe Prior did not like Rafa Kalimann’s statements

The ex BBB Felipe Prior seems to have disapproved of a statement from her reality colleague Rafa Kaliman. In an interview with the program “Altas Horas”, Kalimann stated that he has no contact with the men of the “Big Brother Brazil 20” for they beat her like a woman. Subsequently, Felipe Prior positioned himself on Instagram and stated that he did not consider the ex-sister’s speech necessary. “I met Rafa at carnival, she was super nice to me. I was even a little angry about it. With me she was super nice, said hello, asked all the questions. Then you see she generalized as if all the kids were put on the show. At no time did I treat anyone in the program and after program disrespectfully.” Prior asked Serginho Groisman to invite him for an interview and compared the case to Carol Conka. Canceled and eliminated with over 99% of the vote, the singer also took part in Globo’s auditorium attraction. “I think you should take us there too. You could give me the program so I can give the speech too. All I wanted was to win. I am competitive and I like to win. It could be R$1,0000, I wanted to win. All I did on the show was participate. I was really upset. Whoever won the ‘Big Brother’ was everyone. This program, in my opinion, was the best in history. I thought it was mocking, I always treated all the girls on the show and in my life with respect. I thought the word wasn’t necessary, okay?” he concluded.

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