Fans of The Last of Us discuss what food would turn them into zombies

The last of us continues to set streaming records for HBO, enough so the cable provider has already renewed the hit series for a second season. While the infection largely spreads through the pores in the video game, the final episode revealed that infections were passed around the world due to infected flour and accompanying grains. Now people are revealing which floury foods they wouldn’t be able to give up despite a possible infection if it happened in real life.

“Part of the problem with the tracks is that you come across them quite a bit in the game, although not as much as people think, and if there are That many spores and they were airborne, that infection is even faster,” The last of us showrunner Craig Mazin previously said about the change. “It’s hard to imagine anyone escaping it, and people would probably be wearing masks all the time. In the game, as soon as you leave a trace room, you’re like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa! Go a mile away. ‘”

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Flour on the rocks

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