Fans call out Razzies nominations for being “repugnant” and “mean-spirited”

Awards season is in full swing and the nominations for the 95th Academy Awards will be announced in a matter of hours. Since we’re in the middle of Hollywood Hardware, that means the Razzie Awards have made their annual resurgence. Awarding awards for those movies and television shows that the organization believes to be the worst, many social media outlets rejected the gala Monday over its surprise decision to nominate a teen for one of its awards.

This year’s nomination list includes the protagonist of Fire starterthe 2022 reboot of Stephen King’s iconic novel, which many felt was not only unnecessary, but also “repulsive” and “mean-spirited.”

This year’s ceremony will mark the 43rd the organization has hosted since first debuting in 1981. Keep scrolling to see what the internet has to say about the group’s latest misstep…


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Do not pretend

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Overall terrible

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Razzies suck

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